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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

If you live in South Carolina and want to file for Chapter 7, your monthly income less reasonable expenses must be less than the “median income”. 

All unsecured debts may be discharged under Chapter 7, including credit card debt, medical expenses, and automobile repossessions.

Chapter 7 does not affect liens such as mortgages or vehicle loans. With the exception of loan company liens on preexisting household items and judgements that diminish your homestead exemption, both of which may be avoided by filing a motion. Schedule a meeting with a lawyer now to go through your options for avoiding a lien. 844-322-6932

Clicking here will take you to the official website for the Chapter 7 trustee  after filing and Learn more about what to bring to your Chapter 7 hearing and what the trustee will ask for when you file for bankruptcy here.


Since the amount your creditors would get if you filed Chapter 7 serves as the base amount, they must receive under your Chapter 13 plan (called as best interest test), exemptions are also employed in this kind of bankruptcy. Within fifteen (15) days of filing for bankruptcy, you must assert your right to seek exemptions.

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